In Virginia Beach, Virginia.  March 30, 2017

Dance lessons caused an apprenticeship to Summer Stock Theatre.  Three seasons of summer stock and one Off Broadway show later, New York said I had a southern accent.  Duh!

Enter  Pantomime. Studied, (almost studied with Marcel Marceau.  Went to Paris but he wasn’t home.  You can’t make this stuff up.)  Performed Mime in NYC and Denmark.  Taught Mime in Virginia Beach.  Had a one woman show, performed in Public School Arts program.  Skip to….

While researching costume making for a photographer discovered Oil Painting.  That was great.  Did portraits in oil for years.  Looked at Japanese painting techniques.  Followed that to Kimonos and How To.   Whoa!  That’s Tie Dye.  Look at those designs!  I want to do that.

Opened my Etsy shop January 24, 2017.  Been tie dyeing ever since.

So…This is my “About Page”  I think there will be much more to add as time goes on.  Well just look here.  I’ve started a Blog.  Join me.  Tell me what you think.