This is not a Miro

100_8442This is a hand painted tee shirt.  Painted with fabric dyes usually used in tie dye.

After admiring Miro’s work I thought about combining his idea of symbols to make a word picture to paint  on a tee shirt.



I call this “Midnight Song of the Sea”.  Here is the tee shirt front and back.

100_8444 - Copy100_8445

There are seabirds, waves, moon and stars.  Fish in the sea and the eye represents my Etsy shop name, Get Ogled Tie Dye.  I have other tee paintings in my shop, please take a look and tell me what you think.  Thank you, Miz Tick


Author: Miz Tick

A portrait painter in oils, pets and people. At one time a Pantomime performer and teacher. Almost studied with Marcel Marceau but when I got to Paris he wasn't home. Now into new tricks with Tie Dye.

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