Hello Artists

Hello Artists, a few quick questions.

  1.  Do you paint what you think is popular?
  2.  Do you paint what you think might sell?
  3.  Do you paint in a style uniquely yours?
  4.  Do you paint what grabs your attention?
  5.  Are your paintings ‘exercises’?

Take a look at Van Gogh.  He saw his boots and painted them.  Not popular.  Not in demand.

800px-Van_Gogh_-_Ein_Paar_Schuhe3[1]The legend is Van Gogh sold only one painting in his lifetime.  Meanwhile his “Irises” went for 53.9 million in 1990.

I haven’t painted in a while.  I’m trying to jog my brain, motivate myself to get back to the easel.

I’m saying to my self – “Self, paint on”.  Paint whatever and however you want.  No restraints.  No hard rules.  Once in a while go out on a limb.  Approach your canvas like you never saw it before.  Paint in a new way.  Use different brushes.  Make a quick painting of something you “simplify”.  Rediscover the joy of making your mark.

Hello  Artists,  Show me one of yours and I’ll show you ones of mine.

Miz Tick


Author: Miz Tick

A portrait painter in oils, pets and people. At one time a Pantomime performer and teacher. Almost studied with Marcel Marceau but when I got to Paris he wasn't home. Now into new tricks with Tie Dye.

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