Life and what we do with it.

April 14, 2017

Today I saw two men working on a house addition.  Two stories high, just upright boards against the sky.  They were both balancing on not much.  One steadied a piece of plywood while the other man used both hands to nail gun the plywood to one of those uprights.  Each totally dependent on the other.  Like a dance.

Were they afraid?  Was this business as usual?  How do you learn that? Is that art? I think so.  Is an hourly wage enough applause?  Is satisfaction of a job well done compensation for risking your life?

Those two men caused me to stop and consider my life.  What is work and what is art?  How high can I go?

I guess we are all risk takers.  What do you do with your life?  How high do you want to go?  Tell me.  Show me.

The men working on the house reminded me of this little painting



Author: Miz Tick

A portrait painter in oils, pets and people. At one time a Pantomime performer and teacher. Almost studied with Marcel Marceau but when I got to Paris he wasn't home. Now into new tricks with Tie Dye.

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