Art and Tie Dye

This is the post excerpt.


April 4, 2017

I have a painting started on my easel.  Here is my start.  I’ll show the progress when it happens.


Tomorrow is Tie Dye Day.  I have a new design in mind.  From 9 AM to whenever I’ll be doing the Tie Dye Tango.  Etsy has 23,000 plus tie dye shops and a gazillion die dye tees.  Hard to believe so many people want to tie dye.  Maybe because it feels so good when you stop.

Painting compared to tie dye is a breeze.  Slack city.  You can sit if you want, usually only use one arm.  Change things if all is going wonky.  When you finish the painting you can maybe sell it for 150.00  – 2,000?  I’m over simplifying.  Painting involves sorting through all the art education you have while holding that brush.  It’s mental gymnastics.  Choosing the wrong blue could make you suicidal.

I love painting (I do oils).  Making your mark.  Making those decisions.

Do you paint?  Do you tie dye?  For me both are solitary pursuits.  It would be good to  hear your take on one or both.

Later, Miz Tick



Author: Miz Tick

A portrait painter in oils, pets and people. At one time a Pantomime performer and teacher. Almost studied with Marcel Marceau but when I got to Paris he wasn't home. Now into new tricks with Tie Dye.

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